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Deborah Gordon, MD and Ian R. Luepker, ND provide classical homeopathic care to patients of all ages, from newborns to elders. Classical homeopaths take a comprehensive case and determine which homeopathic medicine is best matched to what is distuned in the person. The correct homeopathic medicine, the simillimum, stimulates the healing capacity of the mental state and physical body, and enables the person to achieve an optimal level of health.

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Patients Ask Me.."It's flu season and I don't want to get sick. What can I do?"

No secret: people are sick more often with colds and flu during the winter. Possible reasons include loss of sunlight enriched vitamin D levels, exposure to cold and damp, indoor air quality, and greater indoor crowding. Most of these conditions are beyond individual control, but there are still things you can do for yourself to stay as healthy as possible during the winter....


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